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Strengthening the awareness of protection, the labor insurance products market is promising

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The weak awareness of enterprises and individual labor protection products and the lack of market supervision are the reasons for
  The weak awareness of enterprises and individual labor protection products and the lack of market supervision are the reasons for the irregularity of the labor insurance products market. Strengthening the awareness of enterprises and personal protection can effectively prevent the occurrence of various types of safety accidents, and will also bring the labor insurance products market. spring.
  As early as the end of the eighteenth century, when the proletarian revolutionary movements of the Western countries gradually emerged, the working class had a strong demand for the promulgation of shortening the working day, increasing wages, giving special protection to women workers and juvenile workers, etc., adopted in Britain in 1802. Apprentice health and moral law, the first shot for modern labor legislation. The implementation and regulation of the labor law actually represents an increase in the awareness of personal protection. With the further deepening and development of the Chinese economy, the labor insurance supplies market will also usher in a rising period, especially the domestic e-commerce online shopping malls and other large-scale e-commerce. The opening of the model has brought the labor insurance industry to the fast lane.
  In recent years, there have been thousands of labor protection products manufacturers in the country, and tens of thousands of people have entered the labor insurance industry to serve safe production. Although China's labor protection products have formed a large industry, as far as China's current situation is concerned, the labor protection products industry is still a weak industry. Compared with developed countries, we still have a considerable gap. The main performance is that the product varieties are still defective, the product compliance rate is low, the quality is uneven, the technology content is not high, and the replacement is relatively backward.
  However, with the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's awareness of safety has increased, and the demand for labor protection products has become more and more, which has brought unlimited vitality to the development of the labor insurance industry, and also brought new ones. challenge.
  The sunrise industry has a long way to go. As a sunrise industry, the development of the labor insurance industry will inevitably encounter various problems. As far as possible problems exist, the author believes that there are two points. First, China's labor insurance products enterprises are mostly small and medium-sized enterprises, scattered, individual, hand-work-style old production methods, far from meeting the economic development of China's rapid development. Therefore, to develop labor insurance products, to survive, we must break through this model, improve the competitiveness of enterprises themselves, and re-distribute scattered financial resources, material resources and resources. Second, product standards and product standards are the yardsticks for measuring the quality of labor insurance products. Without advanced and more rigorous and scientific product standards, high-quality labor insurance products can not be produced, and the safety and health of workers should not be effectively protected. . Our standard setting, indicators and testing methods are not advanced enough. In order to participate in market competition, we must make product standards and international advanced standards close together, so as to be invincible in the competition. Strengthen publicity and change "I want to be safe" as "I want to be safe."
  In recent years, security incidents have occurred frequently. The bloody lesson does not seem to bring much warning to people. The interests are driven by the market. The market is full of fake and shoddy goods. Due to factors such as inadequate market supervision, the lives of workers are not safe. It is also a beneficial way to strengthen the self-protection awareness of workers by the protection they deserve.
  With the development of the Internet, China's labor insurance products industry will usher in new opportunities and challenges. We must act to take the healthy and orderly development of the labor insurance industry as our responsibility, and contribute to the creation of a new situation in the labor insurance industry!